What I am assure is, of the presence of God and our relation with God. How a man of ordinary diligence can reach to Him? How our manifestations, prayers are connected to Him? Why do we feel a void in our heart? Why He is not visible?

First of all, I will talk about my relation with Allah, it is what defines me and what makes me live another day in this world. All the questions that my heart asks lie in Quran and somehow we will never be able to understand Quran until we open the gate of our hearts. Why is our QALB considered so vital in spiritual world?

Apparently, it is a piece of flash but spiritually it is what connects our body, soul and universe. I never found Allah until my heart was empty and somehow I am thankful for everything that has happened. Life brings you closer to Allah when you are in the pits and you never know your low might be your high, you just have to see through the eyes with BASEERAT. You will be able to see this life through a NEW PERSPECTIVE.

Our manifestations and prayers are so deeply connected to our faith. The pathway of TAWAKKUL is my favorite, you tie your camel and leave everything to Almighty and that is when you start feeling powerful even though apparently things may seem uncertain but you are sure that victory belongs to you. The void in your heart, you feel empty, that is because your cup is not full yet. You may have everything yet you can feel like that because your heart can never be satisfied by material possessions, that is the time you need to surrender to Almighty, His Will, His Love and HIM.

The last thing I would like to say that I am not talking about leaving this world. I aim to win in this life but I want my victories to revolve around the will of Allah. I am sure that I will get everything if my intentions are clear and I will not chase this world but Allah, this world will be a mere thing before that.


Wanted to go away

from all these crowded places

To an unknown destination

Where my heart beats a bit loud

Where the silence adores my screams

Where my soul is felt

Where the people leave every night

To see those beautiful stars in the dark sky

Holding hands with a cup of coffee

And letting all those clumsy thoughts shoo away

Wanted to make a city of my own

In the name of art, love, beauty and peace


Somehow I choose you over everything I have, because, I have seen you like sunshine on rainy days and a beautiful flowerbed when all I see around myself are thorns. I do not know really, but seeing you makes me feel like watching my own reflection in the mirror. You carry all this love inside you, but you have never seen that beauty with your own eyes. It is alarmingly beautiful. You are rare of all the people I have ever seen because what is in you is not visible to many around you, and that is what makes me your prisoner. Your angelic thoughts entrapped in this body of yours make me feel like I am chasing you without even trying. You are me, and I am you like the waves meet along their journey to the sea, we are also going to be destined together because what is written above has to be found in this world. (This is a very general script, I feel like we all are pulled towards the humans who are ourselves but in a very different way)

Eid Al Adha

This eid basically tells us that your heart should be attached to God before anyone else in this world. Our father Abraham(A.S) was tested by Allah and he won that test, he was ready to sacrifice his beloved son Ismael for the sake of Allah and he did not question the decree of God. What we should imply in our life from this scenario that our father faced is that nothing should come in between you and Him. He is the one your heart belongs to before any attachment of this world. Try to sacrifice little things in the way of Allah everyday, try to help others and sacrifice your time, try to sacrifice your wealth and donate in the way of Allah. Moreover, the most important thing is to be a human to those who have hurt you, so sacrifice your ego and remember those people in your prayers. This world will vanish in the blink of an eye and if you keep remembering everything then it’s a waste of life so let the hurt go 🖤

Being a woman!

I went through this news of late Qurat ul ain who died of domestic violence by her husband yesterday and it is not shocking for me anymore because there are so many things happening behind the doors that we are unaware of. Being a woman is a blessing and if Allah has made you a woman then your power is more than you can think of but before that let’s go through what a woman faces or made to believe

Purpose taught by the society

A purpose of woman is only making a home at ANY COST AND HER IDENTITY OR INDIVIDUALITY DOES NOT MATTER. This is what women in our society are taught that they are nothing more than kids making machine or someone who is there to sexually satisfy her husband. A woman is not seen more than that. She has to look a certain way, act a certain way or think a certain way otherwise she won’t be applauded.

What your purpose is

Your purpose is to surrender to the will of Allah and do your best to please your Creator not the creation. You are a human and you can do wrong and that’s what makes you one. Break these chains of society and be grateful to your God for making you the way He made you. Be a faithful good woman with standards and do not let anyone tell you twice your worth. Know who you are and raise your vibes. A woman is one of the most beautiful creation of Allah and her beauty is more than to be recognised by the eyes of a mere man. Allah has given you so much blessings and one of the biggest one is to give birth, so when you raise your kids then teach them the ways of Allah and make them good humans.

All I want to say is that you are going to be fine if you rely only on Allah. I know this world is dirty and you do need a good man by your side but if you are facing any sort of abuse then leave whether is physical or emotional. You don’t belong to this place and don’t listen to anyone but your heart. Talk to Allah and work on yourself. Make yourself independent financially, get knowledge, learn basic skills of life. Never ever stay in a place that is not respectful for you and the last thing I want to say that when you are getting married then please marry someone who has made them by themselves, those who work and have a good ideology about this life. Don’t look for money and looks only. A kind soul, an intelligent and a witty man who loves God should be your ideal.


This is out of random, yet cherishing what individuals call conventional and flawed settles on you hang out in your decisions. Enormous tricks are surrounding you and I disclose to you as of now to BE AWARE. I have seen individuals who are evidently so awesome yet they aren’t anything personally, I have seen individuals who are clearly defective however they are wonderful people. People fundamentally gloss over their imperfections with narcissistic stuff and fly so high to no end. A genuinely savvy individual will consistently be modest and he won’t ever win seeing someone on account of his possessions yet for the individual what his identity is. These are some significant encounters that I might want to share.


This is a reality that any place we go, the primary thing people will see is the way we dress up, look, and our belongings. It’s anything but about the ideal brands or an extremely excellent body or face and your costly assets however how the other individual thinks, assuming that individual is thoughtful and aware, this individual is far superior. In Urdu we say CHAAR DIN KI CHANDNI OR US KAI BAAD GEHRA ANDHERA, this is the way it is. If it’s not too much trouble, favor a benevolent heart over Gucci.


That guy is not the best one girl if he only has money. Do not let these shallow standards consume you. Go for the one who makes you feel like home, respects you, understands you and the one who chooses big purpose over making money only. Your kids will be assholes if you marry one. WATCH OUT. A guy who makes himself is the REAL MAN and that man will never let you down.


Do not talk to these people, they belong to this slum area man. That is what we hear often and it is not only a toxic trait of brown culture but worldwide. If you want to befriend people then do it but the cost should be their positive sentiments towards you not the place where they live. Just like your ancestors, they will move from there as well (hahahaha). An intelligent partner or a friend will never ever disappoint you.


Life is way too short for regrets, never lose your shit over things that do not matter. Be a practical person and surrender to divinity rather than dirty games of people. They will taste their medicine themselves. Be a good human and that is what matters. Walk on your own journey and love yourself. All that glitters are not gold !!!


Our life changes like seasons until a tempest arrives in a type of fiascos and shifts the direction. Like mother earth, we need these calamities to quiet the aggravation in our soul or get crushed and the harm can not be fixed after that. Whatever is happening will bring interminable harmony if the purpose is heavenly and destiny is everything, eventually, make an honest effort and give up to the laws of the universe laid by God.

love, Wajiha 🙂


All that time I had thoughts too wilder to tame

Just like a deep hurt flowing through my veins

Getting into the deepest fabrics of my soul

Making it shallow like an ungraceful perfection

What a bitter experience it is sometimes in life

To live and feel dead, to breathe yet feel choked