Be like Abraham (A.S) , the friend of Allah who dared to find God when no one even cared about the meaning of their existence . When we start thinking about God ,we often start feeling nothingness around everything we have in particular our relations because we expect a lot from people around us ,Continue reading “THE FRIEND OF GOD”


Trying everything I could , I barely had the courage to tell myself that I am not self satisfied . Having everything yet so much of dissatisfaction is something like your soul is being pricked by some devastating energy which is making you feel vulnerable like anything . The wounds of soul are not visibleContinue reading “Commitment”

Life is a comedic tragedy

This life is a comedic tragedy , but we do believe that God is great and that’s how it keeps going . This life is beautiful tragedy filled with the wild ecstasy unfiltered emotions.I don’t know how do people not fall in madness or they can not see. The thing I don’t understand is thatContinue reading “Life is a comedic tragedy”