Be like Abraham (A.S) , the friend of Allah who dared to find God when no one even cared about the meaning of their existence . When we start thinking about God ,we often start feeling nothingness around everything we have in particular our relations because we expect a lot from people around us ,Continue reading “THE FRIEND OF GOD”


Trying everything I could , I barely had the courage to tell myself that I am not self satisfied . Having everything yet so much of dissatisfaction is something like your soul is being pricked by some devastating energy which is making you feel vulnerable like anything . The wounds of soul are not visibleContinue reading “Commitment”

Life is a comedic tragedy

This life is a comedic tragedy , but we do believe that God is great and that’s how it keeps going . This life is beautiful tragedy filled with the wild ecstasy unfiltered emotions.I don’t know how do people not fall in madness or they can not see. The thing I don’t understand is thatContinue reading “Life is a comedic tragedy”

Unlearn Everything

The first stage of knowing who you are is to unlearn everything this world taught you and seek the light within yourself . Don’t fight the war going inside yourself by blaming situations . God knows better than you know and indeed Allah is the best of plot makers . In Quran it’s mentioned that those who wants to see , don’t need to look for a miracle when everything around you show you His presence.

Things you need to do now

Kudos to everyone who has the courage to make tomorrow a better place for himself /herself even though that person himself is chained by wolves around him . Metaphorically these wolves are the one you have to meet everyday ,who seal your passion inside their little bottle of small intellect and perception induced in themContinue reading “Things you need to do now”